Back to Happy- 1.1

March 18, 2011


So in keeping up with the back to happy theme, I want to continue to push myself creatively. A great way to do this for me has been to look at someone else’s creation. The video i’m about to share moved me in ways that I haven’t been moved in a while. It was inspiring yet sad and beautiful, I want to meet the composer/producer – Adaeze Elechi and just sit and have tea with her and talk cos there is so much in this video. She presents the topic of race and how it affects our psychology in such a beautiful manner. She is so eloquent and I could really relate with this on many levels. I’m still waiting to find her contact information (If you know her pls help me out). Here is the short (5min) film. Pls watch it will be worth it.

Suspended Animation: An Essay Film from Ada Elechi on Vimeo.

What did you think of it?

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