Weekend in the City: San Francisco

March 5, 2011

San Francisco is absolutely my favorite city in the world! I get to go there often since I live only an hour and a half away and there is always something new to discover.
A couple of weekends ago a friend was visiting from out of town and I decided to go the touristy route and show her the sights.

 Fooling around before we left : Seyi, Myself, Yinka( the out of towner)

 We got to meet these amazing dalmatians!! They were absolutely gorgeous and friendly!

 We took a tour boat which was a lot of fun, i actually learned a lot of fun history. Seyi and Yinka are waving to the pedestrians on the bridge. lol

 We got to see it really close up and it was rather breath-taking, so much that I forgot to take pictures

 The ever famous Alcatraz. It was very spooky going near this Famous prison, but it was interesting to learn that in the 70’s American Indians occupied the place in protest of their rights.

We got to be kids for a bit and went on a carousel ride in Fisherman’s Wharf! Best tourist area! and if you like seafood you will love it.

Later that evening we went over to Ghirardelli square, the famous chocolate garden. We got to see the chocolate making process and it was simply amazing, unfortunately my camera’s battery died so no photos 🙁 speaking of photos, why does blogger make my picture quality so bad? ugh! can anyone offer suggestions on fixing this?
 If you ever decide to visit San Francisco, hit me up and I can recommend some fun things to do… cos there is soooo much.

Have you been to San Francisco? If yes Did you like it? If no do you want to go?

Till next time.

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