Fitness and Wellness Part 1

April 18, 2011

So in an effort to improve myself generally ( kinda what this blog is about) I’v been paying a lot of attention to my body and how I’ve been treating it. I’ve been making an effort to eat even healthier than I used to and workout more and more efficiently. I’v been really bored with running and crunches so I bought a fitness and wellness pass at my campus which allows me to combine different workout classes. Here are the classes I have taken so far. ps. I made sure I took all of these classes three times before gauging how I really felt about them.

1) Bikram Yoga – This has been one of my favorites so far (unfortunately it’s not part of the pass I bought and I cannot afford the extra $90 to continue the class 🙁 it is offered in a studio that is not part of my campus )
What is it? : So it is basically a routine of  different yoga poses in a room heated to about a whooping 105 degrees! yes! As long as it is called Bikram Yoga it will be fairly the same everywhere.
First thoughts? : Omg eww I am so sweaty!! Let me mention that I am one of those people who has the wonderful gift of relatively low perspiration, so when we had barely begun and I was feeling little droplets in my eyes I was not amused!! But as I looked around I realized that most people were already soaking up their towels. Once you get over the heat (it felt more stuffy than hot to begin with) , which really isn’t that bad its time to focus on the poses.
 Now if you’ve done yoga before then you would find some of the poses fairly manageable- That is medium level of difficulty. There also about 4 poses that were extremely difficult but the great thing about yoga is that the goal is building up on your skill, so you only have to do the pose as far as your body will  let you. The heat eventually begins to get to you, as soon as began to feel light headed, I drank my now warm water. bleh! A lot of people left their water bottles outside but how they managed I don’t know.A lot of the poses were a little bit hard to hold because of my sweaty hands but apparently you learn to modify your grip.
Later thoughts? : Ahhhh my body felt great afterwards, sore but limber if you know what I mean. When I initially left the room I didn’t feel the “zen” people usually report… I was light headed and dizzy 🙁 but this was due to not being properly hydrated!! I cannot stress this enough! start drinking water like 2hours before, or better still some green tea or coconut water which i’v heard is better for hydrating than water.

If I get another chance or money lol I will definitely make Bikram a regular in my fitness schedule!!

I’ve decided to split up this series since I wrote so much! lol But up next will be Cycling and Zumba!!

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