On Managing Friendships…

April 12, 2011

I’ve always been one of those people who has a steady group of friends, I was reading my “baby’s book” ( A book where over excited mothers document every last detail of your life for your first few years- reserved for first kids only) and my mum wrote in it “Sabirah is a magnetic kid, although not very chatty she seems to have formed a nice group of pre-schooler friends who love her simple and gentle instructions on how to play with leggo something about her…”-gee thanks mom :).Anyways so for most of my life I’ve had a steady group of friends with a few falling off the grid once in a while and being duly “replaced” –I use that word loosely I don’t think human beings can be replaced. 

A Photo of Me and Some of my closest girlfriends. 🙂 

Growing up has been putting challenges on my friendships though. My closest friends are around my age group and I treat them like the adults that they are, at the same time I feel like sometimes friends need to call out your bullshit- and this right here is my problem, as a rule I don’t give advice unless I’m asked because
1) I don’t Know it all, so who knows my advice maybe wrong…
2) It’s a tad intrusive, especially on really sensitive issues

I’m always struggling in that space where being a good supportive friend and not being intrusive, because everyone deserves that space (I know I need it) and I don’t want to ever come off as judgmental or anything like that. But what happens when someone very close to you does something that you really disapprove of? I’m trying my best to be supportive of my friend’s choices but it’s tearing at our friendship bit by bit. I am by no means without fault…but… I really can’t explain why i’m so affected since it wasn’t something that involved me.

I really hope this passes, or we have progressive conversation( tried a couple of times already)
In the end all I want if for said friend to be happy and if this is the route then I lay down my weapons.

Till next time…

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