Scarves and wraps!!

May 27, 2011

I love head gear! hats and scarves et al, this post is just some photos of ways I’ve been wearing my head gear in spring, although they are very on trend right now, Davis isn’t very fashion forward so I really haven’t seen many people rocking them… I’ve been rocking scarves and turbans since I was born literally, my dad is Fulani so yeah big part of my culture. Here is how I’ve been incorporating them into my everyday style. Forgive me these were all taken with my camera phone, never found my camera sigh…

I just used and ankara scarf to tie this, I had taken out the entire middle of my braids heheehhe well hidden

same thing as above different fabric but and different style… amazing the diff styles you can do with a small scarf

Thrift find! found this gorgeous scarf at my last thrifting expeditios tied it into a huge bow! i love bows!

I used a jersey eternity( a circular scarf) scarf for this and I really liked how it turned out, trial and error people!

I call this the home maker style cos it reminds me of that 50’s headscarf style, lol, I like this because I have that little section of hair out. I love having my hair out… always playing with it. lol

hair! 😀

This is a very similar style to the one above, just that I tied the top of the scarf into an exaggerated bow, I didn’t think the material would hold but it did! I love the result, this is my favorite scarf by the way, not only because its green…

Sorry I didn’t get more shots of this, I didnt know i was going to do a post!

Which was your favorite?

Kisses! thats all folks! Have an awesome weekend!

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  • Reply Yinkuslolo May 27, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    I loved all of them besides the first style with the braids down, maybe it is the angle of the picture.

    You have a nice face structure that suits turbans. Been trying different turban styles with my face but my face looks awkward with some.

  • Reply Sabirah May 27, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Thank you!!
    It jut takes trial and error to find the style that suits you!

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