Italia : The Trip

June 27, 2011

Welcome to the ‘Italia’ series 🙂 I will be docuenting my experiences in Italy 🙂
(ps pls forgive any typos, italian keyboards are a bit different and i’m still learning)
So on Wednesday afternoon My friends dropped me off at LAX after an amazing 5 days in LA. The check-in line was so long that it continued all the way outside, it was amazing that from the line I already felt like I was in Italy, everyone was speaking Italian. I happily eavesdropped while also noting things I didnt understand to look up later… *ayeee see me always the learner :D*

When I finally got to the front of the line, my luggage was over-weight (as usual) I looked at the attendant and while I was trying to decide on whether to start crying or not he asked me to take some stuff out. So I got out my towel and the first things I saw. He then re-weighed my bag, printed a luggage tag and asked me to put my stuff in, I was confused but obliged, then he said to me “i’m African too you know, from Algeria, we gotta look out for each other” Hell yeah! i’m all about that Pan Africanism! Lol I was thankful! he saved me $75 I didn’t have!

The security line was also long and Slow! I remember now why I dislike that airport so much! Bleh!! of course they found liquids in my carryon bye bye oil clease solution and make-up remover… i was just ready to get out of security, I couldn’t care less. (now I do tho, cannot find any natural facewashes or oils to buy in Italian stores! arrghhh)

I usually take my time and go through duty free but this time i didn’t even let the tantalizing perfumes sway me… girl on a budget!! soon after i was on my flight, Let me just say right now that I will not be flying Alitalia anytime soon again. Their service was not very nice, the flight attendants were a rude, curt and spoke in  Italian even when they didnt need to. I understand Italian fairly well and they spoke english well too but would ratherspeak italian to even english speakers but they had this haugtiness about then that I can’t describe. They didnt turn on the entertainment till after we had been in air for over 3hours!! and made no apologies either… I could go on and on but yeah their service was not the best.

I just thank God that they got me to Rome in one piece and didn’t misplace my luggage either.
Till my next Italia post
Ci vediamo dopo!

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  • Reply Laurenta June 28, 2011 at 4:27 am

    What kind of nasty customer service is that?
    You were so lucky at the airport sha

    Have amazing fun in Rome

  • Reply Nnenda December 22, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    Next trip it’s you and me !!

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