Italia: Lucca!

July 22, 2011

This has been my favorite Italian town/city yet and I’ve been to a few Vetralla, Viterbo, Pisa, Living in Florence, Rome, Siena… So it means a lot. Every Italian town has its own attraction and appeal. Florence and Lucca are close contenders for no1 in Italy in my book for many reasons.
Lucca was everything I had imagined Italy to be, small, authentic, beautiful and charming. It is one of the few Italian towns that still has a complete city wall from medieval times, a lot of the other towns had lost their walls to earthquakes or had been bombed during wars. The city walls were built to protect the city from attack and had look outs for guards. They often had the gates into the city and those were often shut at night to protect the people living in the city.
I loved Lucca because it had managed to keep its charm but still incorporate modern little things like modern shops etc. It was not flooded with tourists as Florence is and spending a day there was just amazing, I really got a sense of what the people that live there do…
Ok pictures 😀 (it was the same day i went to Pisa so same clothes but I spent the whole day in Lucca, just about an hour in Pisa)

Welcome to Citta di Lucca!

Lots and lots of bike riders here, like Davis! love it.

Isn’t it great how Good music is universal? Although we couldn’t get seats to the concert it was so nice to know that the people of Lucca would be enjoying a nice intimate concert.

A beautiful church in one of the main squares (piazza) There was a man playing beautiful music from an accordion. definitely set a great mood in the square.

Another beautiful chiesa (Church)

We went to this beautiful little Trattoria it was the most authentic Italian place I had eaten in, in my four weeks here 🙂

It was just so local and pretty and rustic! One of the main reasons I fell in love with Lucca.

My “Primi piatti” – First plate- Rissoto con Frutti di mare ( Rissoto, with mixed seafood) Soooo yummy! it had calamari and whole baby squid. yum yum.
These are the bottles that held the water and house wine that we got. yum yum Vino Rosso!

Secondo Piatti – Second plate. roast potatoes with veal. this was the most delicious piece of meat i had ever had in my life, cut so thinly and spiced just right, no over kill you can tell it was slowcooked. very moist and just delicious, by now you should know I really enjoy well cooked food. this was a winner!

Dessert con caffe! A shot of espresso with some delicious Tiramisu. We really ate Italian style, slow over good conversation so that when we were finally done we weren’t as full and bloated as we expected.

My espresso saucer 🙂 Passion of Espresso

Pretty Garden! Lucca!

Found a beautiful Yellow house, can’t find the full picture 🙁

Walking on the medieval wall 

Sitting on the wall. I love this photo, it was Candid 🙂
Laying on the grass couldn’t help but take a photo of these little flowers

The Sun hat was such an excellent idea! 

Arriverdeci Lucca! Ci vediamo dopo! Mi piace Citta di Lucca molto molto!

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  • Reply Laurenta July 22, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    the town looks justs precious
    that Veal looks cooked to perfcetion
    i love well cooked food too

    now i want to got to ITALY :'(

  • Reply Sabirah July 22, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    It is!
    You really should go to italy! esp tuscany thats the region i’m in. It’s a dream!

  • Reply Lummie March 25, 2012 at 10:45 am

    just stumbled on your blog.
    nice! love your happy spirit! did you go with a group of friends?

    • Reply Sabirah March 25, 2012 at 2:56 pm

      thank you! 😀

      Yes I did 🙂 well kind of

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