Italia: Pisa

July 16, 2011

So I went to Pisa and Lucca yesterday (post on Lucca coming up next) It has been surreal living in Florence so it was good to get away for the day. Of course we had to go see the famous leaning tower of Pisa, The train was about an hour and a half from Firenze (Florence), it was a pleasant train ride and I let Janelle Monae serenade me till we got there.

It took us about 35mins from the Pisa Centrale station to walk to the leaning tower.

It was actually a very nice walk, I didn’t expect there to be so many shops, definitely going back for shopping purposes, many lovely Italian stores.

It was nice seeing the Arno river since it runs through Firenze as well it felt like home… yes I feel like a native

The leaning tower in the distance!! yaaay.

It was such fun people watching! Everyone was pretty much making a fool of themselves trying to do the stereotypical catching or pushing the leaning tower.

Until you try this thing you don’t know how much of a science it is, for both the photographer and model (cookie for who can accurately name how many people in the photo above are doing the pose)

 So I tried the pose, got frustrated, finally got a couple but didn’t like them as much, so I decided to be cute with the tower 😀

Ohhh yeah fierce!! lmao

Hahahaha these guys got a great but interesting picture

Pisa was amazing, the weather was nice and cool unlike Firenze which was a relief.
Ci vediamo dopo!

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  • Reply Laurenta July 17, 2011 at 6:26 am

    i never heard about the leaning tower before today
    Italy just sounds like a dream
    great pictures

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