I miss Italia

September 14, 2011

Before you start, click play on the video… i’ll tell the story of this song maybe another time.

(music playing? yes!? ok. Vai Vai!!)
1) I miss living a 4min walk from This. The Duomo… sigh
2) I miss almost every meal ending with this! sigh

 3) I miss Gelato! but even more I miss these amazing girls

 4) I miss eating Real Simple Pizza… I can’t even look at American Pizza anymore

5) I miss the gorgeous Arno River

 6) I miss Barcardi Breezers!!in all the gorgeous flavors. Yes gorgeous Flavors!

 7) I miss being silly like this (tell me if you get it ;))

 8) I miss OK bar, our personal cafe. this was our first time there.

 9) I miss my almost-Italian Lover Fabio

 10) Gelato gets a shout out twice… you know why

 11) I miss Dante being everywhere!!!! Dante Alighieri!

 12) I miss being in awe of all the Art around me. I miss this sooo much

13) Most of all I miss these crazy girls(L-R Nirel,  Mama Sophia (all she does is win! lol) Me, Kathleen aka Lil’ Peach, Nic nic Nicooole, Alexie Lexie Lexie!!) my Experience will not have been the same without them!!

I’m going to stop now before the tears… i’ll probably do another one of these next week. You get my point, I miss Italy

Ci Parliamo dopo!

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  • Reply Ms.Oreoluwa September 15, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    OMG, i got teary eyed reading this post.

    i miss firenze as well. and all that gorge leather! 🙁

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