Calabar- The carnival

January 26, 2012
So I had been wanting to go to Calabar for a little over 2years now and at the end of last year made it a reality, On December 26th 2011 I boarded a plane to Port harcourt to meet up with my friends, after many flight delays I finally made it in.

Because of my flight delay, we had missed our planned ride to Calabar and had to find alternative means . Since we already had hotel reservations, We had to take a rickety bus to make it in that day- my friends were not in least bit amused, I on the other hand was ecstatic! Adventure!

So we got in our rickety bus and embarked on the four hour journey, music laughter and good company, it wasn’t really that bad, until about 45mins to Calabar our bus had a punctured tire. It was a bit alarming, thankfully there was a spare and about 30mins later we were back on the road.

By the time we got to our hotel we were dead tired and didn’t go out that evening. So these are from the next day.
I’ll stop rambling and get to the photos!

Calabar is really pretty! and serene. Made me resent Lagos.
Getting in the carnival mood we got our faces painted on a whim 🙂

I have a lot more carnival photos but can’t get them off my phone :(. I was really impressed by the creativity of the costumes, I had expected a tacky mess (some still were) but most were awesome. Really beautiful! and soooo organized!
Eneni finally made it in :D. Our new friend Nnamdi in the bottom right corner! It was such a pleasure to meet him :).

Mnena and Sopi disappeared at some point! Turns out they had the time of their lives on exciting power-bike rides. hmph! :p
Party time!! The club was so much unexpected fun, dancing, laughing, more dancing, drinks. ahhhh. If every clubbing experience was like this I’d go out more often. 

Day 2- Calabar. Epic

Look out for the next post

Till next time,

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