Hello 2012

January 8, 2012
Happy new year,

It is with great joy that I welcome you into this wonderful year *continues with the drama*… Really though I’m glad you made it, that we made it, I hope it’s a great year for all of us. The whole holiday season was really fun for me. I spent the earlier part of Christmas day with family and then later in the evening with the partner** and some mutual friends(mostly his, newly mine), which was a blast. Went to an owambe** style party, danced and had my name sung to me. It was a blast.

Random interjection, I’m really thankful for the partner, He really has a good heart, not just to me, he’s an overall great person. He got me a Christmas present, well four- books (I might review them in a bit) that I absolutely loved- finished reading them all already- and the cutest card, I love cards! And what did I get him? Nothing 🙁 I need to start earning money soon, this won’t do. Anyways end of my gushing about the partner.

The day after Christmas I got on a plane to Port-harcourt to visit my close friend from high school Sopi, and her friend (now mine too) Mnenna. We all then headed to Calabar and met up with another close high school friend Eneni. Best decision Ever, Calabar was a blast. Pictures coming up in the next post. We left Calabar on the 29th, headed back to Port- Harcourt stayed for two days then headed to Opobo, Sopi’s village – yes i’m a real jet (and road and sea) Setter. Can’t wit to share my adventures in detail. I had the most amazing time.

Came back home with a bit of a fever and some asthma complications, but I’m very well now. Nigeria is in turmoil now, fuel subsidy has been removed and it seems to be the straw that is breaking the Camel’s back. As a result there are on going protests all over the nation and a labor strike starting tomorrow. I pray for the safety of everyone and I hope that this is the beginning of a new beginning for Nigeria, It’s been a long time coming.
If you’re participating in any protests do stay safe.


The partner*- everyone asks me why that title? Well simply I’ve had boyfriends in the past and he doesn’t quite fit the definition boyfriend and I like the sound of partner- One who shares 🙂

Owambe – A Nigerian party, usually a Yoruba one with lots of music, most likely a live band and heavy dancing and spraying of money. Yes they’re amazing.

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