Thursday Tidbits

January 26, 2012
Hello! Happy Thursday!

  1. I didn’t do anything today. I just walked around in a tee and boy-shorts, ate and slept. It felt awesome.
  2. I miss baking! Need to fix the oven!! I need to cook more!
  3. The partner and I are starting the insanity workout program, I think on monday, I’m not gonna lie I’m scared but I’m glad I have a partner. We are trying to be toned although he has a pretty great body.
  4. I love my new teaching Job.
  5. But we have a dress code, no pants! can you believe that 🙁 and a color code too! Monday- white, Tuesday-blue, Thursday- Lilac. The rest are free days. This means i have to buy new clothes. Shopping in Lagos on a limited budget is tedious.
  6. I want an iPhone, cos i think instagram is cool, but it’s like number 456 on my want list
  7. I’m excited about valentines day! 😀 did I say this in my last post?
  8. The partner has been gone for 4 days. I miss him terribly 🙁
  9. He comes back tonight ^_^

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