Thursday Tidbits

January 19, 2012
Hello wonderful people!
In an effort to start blogging more often i’m introducing new mini features! Today I present “Thursday tidbits”!!! <this is where you clap. yaay> It’s basically going to be me just dropping little tidbits about whatever is on my mind at the moment, in a micro blogging manner kinda how twitter used to be back in the day. Here goes! Hope you like!

  1. I’m so very happy right now! I’ve spent the past hour dancing around the room to the amazement of my partner and friend. My Electric dance playlist is the best!
  2. I have the best partner in the world
  3. Most of my closest friends are old friends, few newbies though! shout-out to Seyi n Kech 🙂 <3
  4. I went for the most awkward interview today. It lasted 2 hours and 20mins O_O. It went well. Got the job :D. More later
  5. I don’t ever want to be a rude person, or condescending to anyone, it’s such an ugly trait
  6. I’m excited about valentines day! I just love it!
  7. On Saturday i’m going to a birthday party dinner thingy, dress up and maybe subtle matchies (puke) with the partner?
  8. I’m really thankful for my naturally sunny disposition
  9. It’s my momma’s birthday tomorrow!! 
That’s it!
till next time!

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