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February 21, 2012
Hello whoever is here,

Been a bit, between my internet subscription going off, life and all the funzies Labella was ignored for a bit. All is well in shangri-la-la-land let me do some quick bullet updates and after that we’ll get back to regular posting. I always miss this space, my happy place.

  • I went to visit my Grandparents last week Thursday and it was soo needed, I felt like I needed to be reminded of what really matters and nestle myself into my grandma’s embrace, and just be surrounded by Love, I’m so happy and thankful that they are well, healthy and strong. And the prayers! priceless.
  • Valentines day came and went. It was a lovely day, I went to work as usual, came home and made some yummy brown butter potatoes and chicken cacciatore. The partner and I had a very quiet candle lit dinner with soft music and lots of wine. I felt really thankful for us and just enjoyed the moment. 
  • Went to a party on Saturday, an owambe and I had fun with my sister-friends it was just nice to hang out with them now that we’re “grown” it’s different but still the same. God bless our friendship
I have to go make dinner for the partner, more updates soon

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  • Reply Cor d'Harmonie February 22, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    aawwww we want more deets on “the partner lol

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