Thursday Tidbits

March 8, 2012

  1. It’s thursdaaay yaaay
  2. Toastmasters meeting today yaay
  3. Yesterday I ate one of my diets forbidden foods 🙁 X_X and I confessed to my mum… tiny slip up but I’m back up
  4. I have so many Book reviews to put up but I always end up writing too much- like an analysis… someone teach me ahhhhhh
  5. One of my favorite places in Lagos recently moved closer to me! whoop whoop!
  6. I was feeling creatively stagnant on tuesday but i’m waay better now. notice how much I’ve been blogging?
  7. I miss my friends 🙁 everyone is so busy
  8. I adore the partner. 
Cheers to the weekend!
love, Sab

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