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April 26, 2012
As you may already know my favorite music genres are Afrobeat, soul (neo), some jazz and RnB. I listen to almost everything (I love my Pop, MJ anyone?) excluding most rap and I’ll dance to whatever moves my spirit but when it’s alone time those 4 categories are my go-to.

Also as you may or may not know Nneka is probably my favorite Nigerian artist, I am her stan. Borderline obsessed. I actually buy her music (this is a big deal). She just touches me deep down in my soul. I really can’t explain it. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I respect that. When “Soul is Heavy” came out I was on it like white on rice.
The first track I heard before the release of the album was Valley, and as usual it made me cry. Sigh. raw pure emotion. Beautiful.

we know great things start small, and narrow parts are always rugged, 
in between those bridges, 
you find my love, 
though it is hard to believe me, for everything around you, 
confuses your mind, 
for you’re stuck, 
in the lies of your past, 
oh deep down, 
beyond the surface of ur humble heart,
you long for my passion you long for love,
baby wouldn’t you walk with me, the long way,
darling wouldn’t you take my hand,
for I know not where to go, oh without you this world doesn’t make sense…

Then when I got I got her album I got stuck on “Restless” She’s just…

I’m restless, in my dreams I long for you
I’m careless with the things I own because of you
Speechless for all that we had is what we disregard now
Feel emptiness

You have had enough,
But this time I see the truth
You don’t need me no more
You don’t need me no more
om/lyrics/n/nneka/restless.html ]
I’m restless ‘cos you don’t love me like I love you
I’m restless ‘cos my love just ain’t coming through
Tell me how can your love gather so much of hate
Tell me how can you love, when we do not practice what we preach
Did we forget all we have been through
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of light you brought through…
There is now darkness surrounding my world
There is now darkness surrounding my world
If you don’t come now, Lord, if you don’t come now, I’ll die…

Hope you enjoy… she is something wonderful.
I can’t wait to finally see her in concert. I know I will be a hot crying mess but it will be worth it.
P.s. I’m feeling better. Thanks for all your kind words. comments, tweets and emails.


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