Thursday tidbits

April 26, 2012
Hey y’all!!! (I will explain this in a bit)

1) I explored today (aka walked miles in search of an interesting grocery store) and came upon this wonderous(is this a word?spell check thinks not) place. Guess what I bought, Chicken, Catfish and Goatmeat!!
2) I’m happy, this may or may not be related to the above
3) I love being in school it’s just… awesome
4) Oh so I said “Hey y’all” because I’ve acquired a Texan accent from watching GCB. It’s such a bad drama filled addictive show. guilty pleasure
5) Cooking has been the only thing keeping me sane these days, I’ve been writing my recipes and waiting to get my camera so I can share ^_^
6) Do you have a Pinterest? No clue what it is? Read this <— very good description
7) Well I’m on pinterest, you can see my boards at I’m obviously obsessed with wedding decor and planning!
8) The weather in California is just odd, hopefully it’s nice enough to go to the beach this weekend 🙂
9) You’re awesome.

Buon’ weekend a tutti!

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