Thursday Tidbits

April 6, 2012
It’s Thursday and things are happening, I will update in my next post. Here are my tidbits

  1. I’ve felt really connected with my spirituality this week. Maybe because I was going through a bit and for once I completely believed that God would take care of me and he did? I don’t know… I just felt a great sense of calm. Great feeling.
  2. I really want to publish book reviews here, I read so many amazing books I feel it’s bad not to share, but I’m shy 🙁 i’m not a literature critic or anything. tips?
  3. Fear is my no1 problem like overall. And I’m learning how to deal with it finally. More on this Later.
  4. I tweeted this on tuesday “Ex boyfriends are the devil… flee” I stand by my statement.
  5. Speaking of twitter, it seems it’s beginning to annoy me more than entertain or interest me nowadays, not sure how to explain. I need to reduce and also change how I use it. Spend more time here 🙂
  6. Why are so many African books sooo sad. like weeping and ruining the pages of the book sad. Sigh I guess that’s just the way it is.
  7. Oooooh finally got my new glasses. <3 (sorry for the bad photo, bad webcam + low lighting)

8. That’s all folks!
Buon Weekend!!

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