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31 day reset – Day 15

May 30, 2012
So I failed today’s task completely. lol

Welll what had happened was… I read the email (properly) too late…

It went something like this “Turn off of the TV for 24hours…” I was still half asleep so I thought, easy peasy  I don’t even own a T.V. and snuggled in. Later I went back in my inbox and read again. “If you do not watch T.V., stay away from non-work internet use including this blog! LOL. Epic fail

It’s my day off. All I’ve done is play on pinterest and etsy, skype with my dear friend Eresuyi and chat with the partner! lol

But you know what? Challenge accepted for tomorrow!
I also have the day off, I will go to class, gym, come home, wash (scrub the hell out of ) my bathroom, do laundry, tidy up (all this is going to call for some deep bonding with my music library) and then make some phone calls to people I love. (ask me how I did!!)

Sounds like a plan.

God give me grace.


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