31 Day Reset, Musings

31 day reset- Day 2

May 18, 2012
I have been putting this off for hours.
and hours.
Here goes
Likes – I like my environment and I love being near the water, California is great. I have a small apartment with a communal kitchen. I’m thankful for a safe place to rest my head at night. The neighborhood is really pretty. It’s only for a short while so i’m enjoying it for what it is
Dislikes- I hate not having oven use!! it seriously cramps my cooking! ugh. I also wish i ventured out and explored just a little more. and push myself creatively.

Likes- This doesn’t really apply since I’m starting a new job tomorrow, I wonder what working in fashion will be like? I guess it will be fun and I’ll enjoy it but I’m also thankful it will be temporary, since it’s not what I really want to be doing. I will still put my all into it. Getting ready to also relaunch NS later this year so that’s exciting!
Dislikes – None yet, I wish i could have found a teaching job or something related but after six weeks of searching time to do what I gotta do.

Likes- I’m proud of my B.A. Degree, I love psychology and taking classes again makes me realize how much I’ve missed it. I love research and I’d love to do more. But I don’t want a master’s degree. If I decide to go to grad school I want a Phd and that’s another 7years(avg grad time for my programs) of my life, I want to do other things, travel, live in Nigeria(big factor), start a family. sigh
Dislikes: Wish i hadn’t let fear stop me from finishing my minor in Italian, I was so close. I wish I understood the American system better before I came, I didnt start benefiting and thriving till I was almost done.

Finances (can I skip?)
Likes- I have no student loan debts! so yaay me
Dislikes- What a mess. I need to create a steady stream of income. multiple really. This hand to mouth isn’t pretty, enough said.

Likes- (physical)I’m so happy that I’ve taken a no excuses approach to my health, still dieting and working out 5-6 times a week. I feel great
(mental) I’m sooo much better than last year and I’ve been taking self care very seriously so as not to slip back into that dark place again.
(spiritual) I definitely feels God’s love for the first time in my life and believe it. It’s quite special.
Dislikes- (physical) Still have bad allergies and i’m not committed to continuous medication, also the asthma symptoms are not all gone.
(mental) Once in a while I slip but it’s under control
(spiritual) I need to do more, read more and be more committed to my spiritual journer

Likes – I’m pretty satisfied with my relationship with my mom, living with her the last 6 months was interesting, and I feel closer to her than I ever have.
Dislikes- My Dad who was always the closer one to me had been distant and I confronted him about it which was difficult but a step in the right direction. My brother and I although we are close, haven’t had the opportunity to spend lots of time together. I really want us to go to florence together. Or for him to visit California.

Likes – I consider myself a great friend to many people and I like that people feel that way. The partner is awesome and distance is teaching us a lot but it’s been surprisingly “easy”(easier than i expected)
Dislikes- I’ve gotten really bad at keeping in touch, everybody is busy now and I fear some relationships will suffer.

Done. this was difficult. I’m worn out and I’ll elaborate in my journal…

Day2 done

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  • Reply moyin :) May 18, 2012 at 2:46 am

    Yaay! So happy you did this Sab 🙂

  • Reply kovieparker May 18, 2012 at 3:53 am

    Day 2 has been the toughest for me so far. So I get what you mean. Glad you pulled through. 🙂

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