31 Day Reset, Musings

31 day reset- Day 3

May 19, 2012
I’ve just gotten home from a really long day. i’m so tired. But no excuses, so here goes.
(Love letter to future self)

Dear Sabirah,

Well done! you started a challenge and finished it. I am immensely proud of you! This is only the beginning! You’ve started crafting and put more use to your creative energy, you’ve explored your surroundings and planned more day trips, you’ve even inquired about that sewing class you’ve been eyeing. You have found more ways to be creative with your cooking despite your constraints.

You’ve applied yourself to your new job fully and have made your self an invaluable asset to your company. You have observed and learnt very quickly and you have applied initiative. It’s a wonder you barely started a month a go.

You’ve completed both your classes with an A grade and I’m so proud of you. I knew you could do it all along. you’ve taken time to really consider which way you’d like to go and you have discussed it with all involved parties. You are closer to your dreams.

You have managed to save more than you expected and you have been extra thrifty! Well done! you have also looked for and maybe found another source of income. And you haven’t had to worry about money in a while. That feels good doesn’t it? Well done.

You overcame the stall in your weight as you continued to push yourself harder with new and varied exercises and sticking to your diet, you are much stronger now and your body is beginning to look nice and toned like you wanted. You also started reading and praying more often and you feel closer to God and more in touch with your spirituality. It hasn’t been easy but you’ve pulled through because you are a trooper! You have focused on your mental wellness and continued to self care as needed.

You have begun to plan and set out a time for when you will go on vacation with your brother. You are excited about this plan as you will both get plenty of bonding time 🙂

You have done a lot of work in touching base with your friends at least once a week and checking in to make sure they are OK. You feel like you have a good grip on your relationship. You have continued to be a supportive kind and loving partner to your partner and continued practicing open communication. It’s been amazing.
Life has really improved for you and I’m sooo glad


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