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June 12, 2012
The first time I ever heard of Efya was when I stumbled upon this video of her and Dipo freestyling(I will probably do a post on Dipo’s awesomeness when I return to Lagos, He’s my friend 🙂 so maybe we can get up close and personal for la bella ). OK back to Efya, so this amazing woman. I have been sleeping on her music! What! If you read this blog and didn’t share *side-eye*… I mean all you have to do read my music tagged posts to know she’s right up my alley. I mean that blend of Afro-beat, afro-pop, jazz soul is everythiiiing! I love it

I came across this video and got goosebumps! I mean she gave Whitney’s I will always love you a brand new twist. Refreshing, original and beautiful. Love her original songs “cigarette” (the first one) and the last one “Nothing”(last one) just as much. I love her powerful soul not-trying-too-hard voice, and the way she infuses Twi (I think) into her songs, she’s Ghanaian 🙂

And one more for the road

She’s amazing!

Love always,

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  • Reply Cor d'Harmonie June 19, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Yes!!! I love her too. I stumbled on her video with Dipo on Youtube and I instantly fell in love. I didn’t go to bed that night till I went through all the songs she had on youtube, lol. My fav was when she sang at a night club kinda place. She’s totly awesome love her voice

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