June 16, 2012
Wanderlust : A strong innate desire to travel about
One of my top top favorite words! Right up there with happenstance.

Sometimes I’m scared I’ll never find “home”…
The idea of home is a strange one. Is it where you’ve lived the longest; Lagos, or where you were born; New York, or where you first discovered who you were; San Francisco, or maybe where you realized you were enough; Florence,  or maybe It’s where all the people you love are; Scattered all over the world. All I know is that I’m always longing for some place…

A couple of weeks ago I sent The partner a photo

Him :You look like the girl I fell in love with…

Me: O_o what does that mean? I’m no longer pretty ehn?

Him: No there’s this radiance about you, you look happy, happier. Lagos took a lot from you and the stress got to you.

Me : Oh 🙁

 After the conversation I pondered over he said. I don’t want to be happier here, I love the people in Lagos, my family and friends, and I love being in close proximity to them, but here I have easy access to the things that feed my creative energy and make me happy. The stress, the air and Lagos in general is too much for me and leaves me drained mostly.

Someone suggested I would Like Abuja, and I quite like Calabar . The partner says we should run away to Ghana. lol! Maybe I’ll always be looking for home, at least I have someone who will wander with me…

Buon’ Weekend!

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