Thursday Tidbits.

July 6, 2012
It’s Thursday yahooo!

  1. Some things in life shouldn’t be expensive, like lipstick, like why should I buy one tube out of all the many other shades of the rainbow for $18. Nah son. Pass.
  2. I took out my braids!! Praise Master Jesus, they’ve been in for waay too long.
  3. Washing my hair is. ahhhhhh. I love my hair.
  4. I love my hair, in case you didn’t see the first time
  5. It’s my birthday sooon 😀
  6. Hey read my last post! I really want more input on that topic, it’s still swimming in my thoughts.
  7. I am in love with Target. I can live there.
  8. And baby elephants, well I can’t live in them but you get.
  9. My brother vacates from boarding school today. Wish I was home to meet him 🙁 I miss that boy.
Have an amazing weekend everyone!
God bless you.
Love always,

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