Dress up Party!

August 1, 2012
I absolutely love “fancy dress” parties! So when Maribel invited me to party that was themed I was sooo excited! The theme was to dress  like pachucos, pachucas, and 1970s, 1980s and 1990s cholos. 

Maribel and I dressed up as Pachucas since the vintage style was right up our alley. don’t you love our big hair and bold make up?

She was a Chola! so ganster! love it.

I love this picture! Maribel and I are the sweet Pachuca’s surrounding the “hard”chollo’s! 

They had lots of fun games like “Draw the eyebrows on the Chola”

We also got cholo and chola names, Mine was “Esa” while Raul’s was “El loco” hahahah

Maribel won two games and won a bunch of goodies including hairspray! how appropriate huh?

We played musical chairs too. So much fun!

This is where I got kicked out.

End of the night

The professor, who had the party had this amazing huge piece in her living room. Absolutely amazing.
It was such a fun party! I can’t wait to host a “fancy dress” party soon, I’m thinking Micheal Jackson themed!
What’s the best themed party you’ve ever been to?
Love always,

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