Thursday Tidbits

September 21, 2012

  1. I’m going home to Lagos in about 2weeks, but we cant talk about it till the 29th OK?
  2. I got my camera!!!! finalllllllllly! sigh no time to properly play with it yet
  3. I just skyped with baby Tiwa! and she made sounds. So precious. She is 9 days old today
  4. I just found the most AMAZING food blog. I can’t even begin, she blogs about Nigerian food but in a   way I’ve never seen. fantastic. go take a look ->
  5. I’ve always wanted to know about real Nigerian cuisine not our dear over done Busy body Jrice and fried rice. I’m excited to explore her blog.
  6. OMG OK who is this woman and why is she living my life- she lives in Calabar! enough said!?? I need to finish this post so
    I can stalk  read her blog properly.
  7. I wore heels to work today, it was really nice! sharpened my outfit. until 5 hours later not so nice.
  8. As much as I enjoy wedding decor, planning, DIY etc I rarely go to weddings, once a year is enough for me(at most), I have one in October whooop!
  9. As much as I enjoy solitude it’s going to be really amazing living at home again, it’s nice to have to option of talking to someone, coming home to smeone or just sharing a meal. I really miss that.
Have an amazing weekend beautiful people 🙂
Sabsterrrrr (that’s right! that’s what they call me on the streets! uhhhn!)

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