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October 2, 2012
Hello 🙂

So I’ve spent most of yesterday and today doing absolutely NOTHING! …and it feels so good. Well technically I can’t say I did nothing since I caught up on TV shows, called some friends ate a mini tub of ice-cream , went on a couple of leisurely walks and did some laundry. See to me all those things constitute doing nothing because I did them at my own pace, for my own enjoyment and with nothing really needing immediate attention. Feels so good. I’m glad I was afforded such a luxury :).
More good news, tomorrow, Tuesday the 2nd, it will be one week before I leave for Nigeria. I am all packed save for make-up and bath stuff. I’m very proud of myself! On Saturday after work(my last day) my dear friend Shaye came over and we went H.A.M. (are people still saying this :s? I’m so out of the loop) on all my belongings and packed and loaded. I had been worried about packing but I’m glad Shaye was here.
I am SUPER excited to be going home! Sigh, super excited! Last year on September 25th I was feeling the same way and if someone had told me I’d find myself back in this country barely 6 months later I wouldn’t have believed it. So here we go, the big move back the second time around. I am excited, hopeful and a little anxious but trusting God in all things.
I get to sit on the couch and read with my mama
I look forward to having mini fashion shows everyday with my mum before heading out.
I can’t wait to hug my partner and be slightly lifted off the ground
I’m so excited to re-start my business with my sisters
I look forward to real life DMC’s with my friend Eresuyi
I can’t wait to sing with my Daddy!
Home! The countdown begins!

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