Thursday Tidbits (Late)

November 2, 2012
So it’s actually Friday but please pardon me, the electricity situation in Lagos has been really terrible, even right now there is no power. Sigh.

  1. What would it really take to solve Nigeria’s power problem?
  2. Why wasn’t there more concern about the flooding in Nigeria. I mean I heard sooooo much more about Hurricane Sandy, why don’t we care for our own? 1.4 million people were DISPLACED in the recent floods in Nigeria that affected 30 out of our 36 states. I mean is it just a case of bad journalism or maybe we too have come to view things from a US-centric angle?
  3. Things are bad. And it’s scary…
  4. Apparently in 2014, Legally Nigeria will no longer be “Nigeria” and can be split. What does this even mean?
  5. How much can your environment hamper your creativity and your will to just DO
  6. What is REALLY Important?
  7. How does a young creative person create a Legal source of income :s 
  8. How do I shake off this Lethargy?
  9. Again What is really important?
Different Format today, Loads of questions swimming in my head. If you have answers, have at it. 🙂
Have a pleasant weekend.
Love always,

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  • Reply tobi November 2, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    things are really bad and it is so scary.
    about the flooding it is actually so scary how clueless the government is about tackling the flood if they had done the right thing from the beginning this flooding wont be as disastrous as it it but i think they really don’t know how to handle is hence they are not doing anything about it which is even more scary.
    so many questions so little answers, still i guess being true to yourself notwithstanding the problems is a start. i guess.

  • Reply Sabirah November 2, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Can I just say that I always love the comments you leave. Thank you.
    And thanks for that last line, it put things in perspective

  • Reply kovieparker November 2, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    This is some really deep stuff. The flood situation is beyond pathetic. There is a fundamental problem with media reports in this country. I don’t understand if there is a law stopping reporters from presenting ugly situations exactly as they are (remember reports on fuel subsidy drama, bomb blasts, Dana crash…?). I had the opportunity to see first hand the effect of the flood in parts of Edo State, I wept. The most painful part of the whole saga for me is the fact that there were warnings before the flood. Could the govt not have found a solution or at least done something to cushion the effect before disaster struck? Sigh, I’m tired of complaining about the problems in Nigeria.
    Yes, our environment most likely will play a role in how our lives turn out, the true test will be LIVING beyond these limitations.
    In the end, we are going to have to find a way to live, really live regardless of the factors around us. How much can you say you’ve lived if no one else is affected/influenced/encouraged by you? Not everyone will be rich and famous.. Life is not measured by the things we possess.
    I chose a philosophy of life a while ago; love God and do good. The “how” is the challenge.
    (Sorry my thoughts seem all over the place) like you, I have many questions and I’d like answers.

    • Reply Sabirah November 3, 2012 at 7:03 am

      Thanks so much for this comment. Living beyond these limitations is something i will have to constantly remind myself about.
      You’re awesome.

  • Reply moyin :) November 2, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    The funny thing is I’m actually not scared of Nigeria splitting. I’ve been known to ask my friends if we could just start Nigeria all over again. I don’t know.
    It’s funny because last week I was hit by a bout of lethargy as well, but I just rode it out, and this week I’m much more pumped. I think these things comes in waves, at least they do for me.
    And yes, environment affects your will to do stuff. If things are not going well, you don’t feel the need to do well yourself.
    Here’s hoping you figure some stuff out.

    • Reply Sabirah November 3, 2012 at 7:06 am

      As far as Nigeria splitting, my fear is war and genocide because those things don’t just happen with a clean break… sigh. God forbid.
      Yes I was just telling my partner about these waves, I wonder if it happens for everyone or only those who have suffered from depression…
      Thank you. Thank you
      Amen . (hugs)

  • Reply Anonymous November 3, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    I don’t really get no 4 I’ve never heard of it before o.

    @ no 5 oh a whole lot actually. Like you have no idea. I used to think, oh you can be creative anywhere joo. Then I was away for a microsecond and returned and boom, the difference was 7up-ish.

    Lol. What’s important, I’ve learnt is very relative. Too relative. But on the surface, a life lived in fulfillment and a peace of mind.

    Lethargy…. I call it ennui. I’ve made my peace with the fact that it will always be a constant visitor. It comes and it goes, it will pass when it will. In the meantime, i just “cope”

    Lol. This one comment, you don’t have to reply to :p


  • Reply Anonymous November 5, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    I don’t think Nigeria became ‘Nigeria’ by accident. If we were able to survive Biafra, we can survive anything, it may sound over optimistic but it is possible. I am guessing this supposed split is to happen from the North. Can I just say, I have met people from the Northern part of Nigeria and they are definitely all for ONE Nigeria. Boko Haram is and will forever remain a minority. I did hear they are willing to have ‘peace’ talks.

    That flood was totally overlooked. Thank God for Pat Utomi who brought it to our attention on Facebook.

    When you figure out the creative means, JA MI SI!

    –Loved One

  • Reply Anonymous November 5, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    I so get how you feel,there’s hardly any good news around,and truth be told,I don’t think things will get much better cos we live in the end times. Thing is not to allow it weigh you down because if you look hard,there’s still so much to be thankful for and there are still so many things that will bring smiles to you face: thankful for good health and sound mind, thankful for the capacity and ability to love and that you actually have people to love and people that love you, thankful for family, thankful for how far you’ve come, thankful for all the battles God has been fighting for you, thankful there is a GOD who has a greater plan we in our short-sightedness cannot see, thankful for this rain God sent down this night :)..and the list is endless….this should make you feel better…and I pray God gives you peace of mind over everything and fills your heart with so much joy. Keep ur head up. Busayo.

  • Reply Jaydyh November 9, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    1. Back when #LightUpNigeria was a movement, I really believed the people could make it happen. Maybe, if something like that comes up again. From the masses point of view, NOTHING. We can only hope and pray and if given an opportunity make sure to resolving this problem

    2. We definitely do not have leaders who view things from the US-centric angle. Without a rallying point as the government provides or ought to provide, we really cannot take measures to prevent disasters as the flood that’s well within our power to control.

    2 days back, sitting at my desk in my out-of-station office in a Central African country I got introduced amongst a number of colleagues native to the country to a man from Nigeria.

    Pleasantries exchanged and we find out about why the other is in the country… and in response to a question, he mentions that he took an offer for Industrial attachment here instead of Nigeria because of Boko Haram attacks.

    Amidst the number of foreign listening ears, I was confused and embarrassed at the same time. The other Nigerian lives in Kaduna and I in Lagos, so you’d understand that we would relate and react to Boko Haram news differently.

    Things are really that bad.

    4. I really do not know what it would mean if Nigeria splits. Whatever happens, I pray we keep it war-free.

    5. One’s environment; the degree of sanity and chaos can boost or hamper one’s creativity. But what I have discovered personally is most influential, is how one keeps the environment within- outside may really be hell but we sure can create the haven we need to thrive in our minds.

    6. What is REALLY Important?
    I think it’s important we strive to stay connected to our essence, our true selves within; childhood heroic dreams are daily replaced by more realistic options so to speak especially as young adults where the options available to us to earning a decent living are most times a far cry from what it is we really want.
    Many of our noble ideas, dreams e.t.c won’t play out big as we’d dreamed it earlier… things are really bad around us in spite of privileges some of us enjoy.
    We owe it to ourselves, individually to discover what is most important to each of us. We can’t do it all really. We shouldn’t even try.
    We’d burn out if we do. Do your important and I do mine… all of it together, is the big dream of hope we all have.

    It simple and that complicated. God help us all.

    7. Create what you know best to create and sell it. In all do not despise the days of humble beginnings if you have to go through that.

    8. How do I shake off this Lethargy?

    Shake it off in a dance 🙂

    8. Again What is really important?

    Try everyday to live fully. One day at a time.
    I think.

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