January 28, 2013

The most memorable day of my life;
And I almost wasn’t there to see it.
I made it with barely 3 hours to spare.
With smoke still hovering around the mountains;
Fancy autumn temperature all round.
12:45 am began it all,
A phone call started the events of the night;
One call with a piercing scream straight to my heart.
The words “My water just broke” kept echoing in my head.
This was not a drill. No, it was showtime!
We flew down Beverly Street;
Every light was gloriously green,
We were so excited.
We checked into delivery room 1,
The one we looked at on the tour.
They strapped all sorts of contraptions on your mum.
The nurses, bless their souls, were amazing!
So encouraging, as if to prepare us for what was coming.
And come, it did! The contractions were intense.
You were not going to make this easy.
7:30am with barely a wink of sleep,
And your grandma was even more nervous
Than we were.
So I held her gently as she wept,
Your other grandma was also with us, via the phone.
The sounds of Adele eased in from the background,
As we worked through the contractions;
Ever increasing in intensity.
Dr V came in to examine you,
And he told us our worst fears had come true.
This baby is not coming out this way“.
His words were as a dagger to my heart.
Peace be still, our hearts.
Tears were rolling in all corners of the room;
All then, all became a blur.
Signing releases, talking to the anesthesiologist;
And also to the surgery staff.
Next thing I knew, you guys were whisked into the OR.
I put on a paper gown, hair net and paper shoes.
My heart had since relocated to my mouth.
What was to happen?
Would everything be okay?
So many questions on our minds.
I tried not to panic because I knew…
I knew I had to be strong for everyone else.
Suddenly the nurse came in.
All was now set!
On the table your mother lay, cut open.
With the lights shining  down on her;
Preparing for your debut in the spotlight.
In a daze your mother was.
In a daze I also was!
And then at 1:23pm,
Everything changed.
The cry that will forever remain in my heart and head
Rang out, piercing the anticipant air.
It was so sharp… so clear…
And yes indeed,
You were finally here!
The gladness in my heart could not be rivaled.
I carried you in my arms.
Here you were, finally;
With your cone-head full of hair.
Welcome home, our heaven-sent joy!
The nurses Oohed and Aahed as they cleaned you up.
Your mother was so exhausted,
But pleased that you had arrived!
Her faint words “I love you” came softly,
As she fell asleep.

Tiwalayo Seirra-Rayne J

9/11 has a completely new meaning for me now. On this day last year my friends welcomed a beautiful healthy baby girl into their lives. I can still remember the burst of emotions I felt that day and I can only imagine how they both felt. Above is a piece written by the proud daddy, edited by me. A little piece of that moment when their lives changed forever; I believe the piece really captures the excitement and emotions of that day. I’m so thankful for them both and our darling Tiwalayo.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Love always, 

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