Thursday tidbits

February 7, 2013
  1. I’ve fully integrated into my new workplace, I mean I’ve been wearing like beach sandals for the past two days
  2. Also had my hair in pinned up jumbo twists for three days… love me, love my hair.
  3. Today I did a fifties inspired hairstyle, I think it was lost on my students; “Miss Sabirah you look like wolverine” “hmm where did you do your hair, it’s funny” womp, I liked it.
  4. It’s one week till Valentines day! whoop!
  5. I just came back from open mic Night at bogobiri, wasn’t as fun as usual but every outing is an event when I’m with my sister friend Funlola 🙂
  6. My Partner deserves a major shout out cos he’s all shades of awesome.
  7. I have three large avocados, what to make? (pls don’t be obvious and say guac :p)
  8. I’m happy and content
  9. I think I no longer want to teach 11yr olds, I want to go to the babiiiies!
Have an awesome weekend!
Love always,

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  • Reply noiroublanche February 8, 2013 at 5:44 am

    fresh juice: avocado and papaya juice is a surprisingly amazing combo. Squeeze one lime over it. Even without papaya,its still amazing! will do you for lunch even.

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