July 3, 2013
Hey loves,I wrote a post for the3six5ng…

“Miss Sabirah!!”

I look up from my book and I know immediately that my day has started.  I’m sitting at my work desk which I plan everyday to unclutter, and never do – a wild sea of glue sticks, pencils, erasers and scissors.
“Are you ever going to finish that book” a particularly pesky student of mine asks, I do my best to conceal my irritation since he has asked me this question a hundred times before.
“It’s a really good book so I’m trying to savor every little detail” I reply with a smile
“What is the meaning of savor?” he asks, this time I can’t hide it, and I roll my eyes.
“Darling, what do we do when we don’t know the meaning of words?”

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