Road Trip Diary | Akure

February 27, 2014
It started with one conversation.

I crossed something off my 25 before 25 list! I’m so excited. A big thing too, as you might already have guessed from the title, I went on a road trip within Nigeria and it was amazing. I can’t begin to describe- actually that’s what I’m going to do in this post.

It started with a conversation.
A maybe.
Lets do something!
We should go somewhere…
Where though?
Somewhere close?
I heard of..
Hmm I’ll ask around..

I have many such conversations with my friends, dreaming out loud… But most times they don’t come to fruition. This time things seemed to be aligned for us. Maybe it was just the combination of people. Without a destination, we picked a date and somehow things fell into place.

At 8 am on a Wednesday morning we met at the car park, bags packed and brimming over with anticipation. We settled into the back seat of the bus and even bought an extra ticket much to the dismay of Lois who was trying to make sure we stayed within budget (Thank God for her and her firm ways, we ended the trip within our budget). We got comfy and after being harassed by some evangelists – some for God others for strange herbal concoctions- we were on our way.

The trip took us only about 4 hours and we had lofty plans of hitting our first attraction, Idanre Hills, that day. Unfortunately by the time we looked for a decent hotel, had lunch and settled in (AKA napped) it was late in the evening and we decided to explore our environment instead.

A short walk from our hotel took us to the university (FUTA) where we thought we could grab dinner and maybe get some tips for what to do in Akure. When we got to the university, it was pitch black and though there were students walking around nobody could recommend a place to eat or chill within the campus. Very strange.

We ended up getting a suggestion from a taxi driver who led us to a suya place and that was dinner that night. Back to our hotel room right after and we crashed

The next day was epic!
Hint: Water.
Stay tuned

Love Always,

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  • Reply Miss Enigma February 28, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Lois!!!!! Hurry up and post excited to read. I love to travel, road trips and all. Glad you got to cross something off your list.

  • Reply NIKKI March 16, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    you know Lois? this world is too small…..

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