Thursday Tidbits

October 2, 2014
Hello!1) I really want to make this this weekend, can I get all the ingredients in Lagos without breaking the bank? hmm
2) Long weekend coming up soon! Can’t wait, I really believe the many public holidays are how God compensates us for living in Lagos.
3) I love this post on parenting
4) I want this haircut, and all these products! Yes I still watch natural hair tutorials
5) How to Start Dinner every night.
6) My children(students) make me want children, the way they write about their parents is sooo loving! Oh to love like a child!
7)I’m so tired these days, IDK if I’m just lazy or it’s for real
8) I’ve found myself slipping into prayer at the most random times, while driving, in the shower, falling asleep
9)I absolutely love the show “Masters of Sex”

Love always,

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