October 5, 2014

This morning, I woke up in the bed of my friend whispering random nonsense to each other as we slowly woke up, then we ate a medley of left overs in bed – Sallah meat, small chops, rice etc. And in that moment I felt happy. Just happy. Last night I held my partners hand and kissed him goodnight as he went home knowing that goodbyes would be far between soon. Happy.As Simi and I lay in bed I randomly mentioned that I wanted a new camera and then stopped myself. Yes my camera is currently a bit crazy- but it works. I just got a new laptop, does the wanting never end? Is every want satisfied only momentarily? Quickly to be replaced by another?

I don’t want to live like that, constantly wanting, I have so much. So much. I am content, I need to practice my contentment- by being ok not to want anything- for a while at least. Make do- and make the best- of what I do have, and stop chasing the next high.

Happy Long weekend Nigerians,
Love always,
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