The Holidays

December 7, 2014

The Holidays are here!

While I’ve been trying to get into the holiday spirit, it’s been a bit hard. So much has been going on. The decision to go right back to work after the wedding wasn’t very smart in retrospect. I’ve had so much work at work and homemaking is another “work” on it’s own. From planning meals, to keeping our space liveable it’s just been one thing after the other. Oyekola is very helpful and we treat our home as a partnership so that takes off the load, (hats off to the women who do it alone) and it makes it bearable.

I have two secret santas at work, I did one in the classroom with my students then it turned out we also had a staff wide one so on Saturday I went to the mall and picked out some presents. I really enjoyed picking simple presents, some really gorgeous cards and some pretty wrapping paper. It got me in the holiday mood really quickly.

I’m hoping we get invited to some holiday parties but this week we are attending the carol concert at school, then I have my staff Christmas party. On Sunday I’m tagging along with my mama to a christmas party so things are already looking good :).

I’m also looking forward to some down time, I really deserve a break, I’m going to sleep in many days, cook some interesting things- hello pinterest, and organise our living space. I’m really hoping that by the time the holidays are over we are fully settled in

p.s. – Stuck on what to get me for Christmas? A nice DSLR

(Should probably make a proper gift guide, a bit late though no?)


How will you be spending your holidays?

Up next wedding photos 😀


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