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March 19, 2015

It’s Thursday!!!! whoop.

  1. This week has been mad crazy for me, my students have been writing exams so between marking, writing reports and keeping the kids entertained… phew!
  2. Amazing new technology for couples… watch
  3. What happens when you give up your phone.
  4. Have you guys seen honest trailers? You’ve got to watch this
  5. Are you watching Empire? I’m in the middle of the season finale. Gosh everything is SO Dramatic. Entertaining though
  6. As part of their exam, my students had to write a letter inviting a friend to visit them in Nigeria, here were some of their reasons.

” You should come to Nigeria because it’s always hot so you can go swimming everyday”

“Do you like beaches? Well there are many lovely beaches here, if you want a party beach or quiet beach then come and visit me”

“Nigeria has very nice people and even nicer food, like jollof rice and goat meat” – this one cracked me up cos the kid isn’t Nigerian.

“Many people like football so you’ll always have someone to play with”

“In Nigeria you can learn how to speak English, two types, pidgin (spelt pigeon) english and english english”

7. Thanks to recommendations from twitter, I’ll be watching “This is It” with my students tomorrow afternoon.

8. You guys I’m keeping up with my “at least two posts per week”!!!

9. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for all the shares

Love always,


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  • Reply mfoluwa March 31, 2015 at 10:16 am

    Love the new technology for couples. Didn’t expect that when I first watched it. Great concept!! And the honest trailer is hilarious!! I’m so subscribing to that. Loool.

    Well done with the marking and reports.

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