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May 11, 2015

I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Life has been stressful, no fuel, no light… Lagos is draining. I’ve been kinda low on creative energy, but at the same time felt the need to write. Nothing was coming and  I’m not one to force the creative process so instead I decided to read some old posts in order to “inspire myself”.

I really enjoyed going through my old posts, I have grown, in mind, in love and even in weight(har har har). All of this is me though and I’m thankful for this space where I can be myself. So this Monday, take a trip with me through my blog. These are some of my favourite posts and some of yours too!


On intimacy

A spoken engagement

Weightloss stories

Our Wedding


Songstress Efya 

Beach Day

Love Love Love

Nail Art

God Loves your fabulousity

An Eulogy for myself

Tell me what you liked, leave a comment and share with a friend.

Have a great week!

Love always,


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