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A love grows in Bangkok

October 28, 2015

It’s never happened before.

I didn’t see it coming either, I came here to work, get my certificate, maybe explore, then bounce! ha!

I’m not a city girl, but this city got me good. I love this place and I don’t know how to deal with that. I fell hard and fast, I want to lean in to the feeling, act on it but I don’t know.

Home… hmmm. I’m experiencing so much I better wait till I’m feeling more level headed to make any decisions.

My first few weeks here were kind of a whirlwind. I arrived on Saturday Night  and by Sunday I was already exploring, I found a church and attended, made a Ghanaian friend and got lost on the train several times. It was exhilarating. I think that first day really set the tone for the whole trip.

The next day I started my course and got to meet my colleagues- I know I’m always saying this, but one of the biggest ways God blesses me is through the people I meet. My course mates were from a variety of countries – Pakistan, Taiwan, China, The U.S, The UK, France, Italy etc. We were the most diverse random mishmash of different ages and backgrounds and it made me so happy to see all these different people want to be teachers.

After the first week, everything got kind of crazy. The course became super intense and finding the balance between life and work became almost impossible. Many nights I was getting 3-4hours of sleep and if you know me, this is crazy! I love and need my 8 hours daily. But somehow in the madness of it all, I was falling in love with the city. I quickly learnt faster routes to work- motorbikes were more dangerous and exciting, under 5minutes, the train sometimes was packed, but kept you dry from the rain.

Found a favourite restaurant, made friends with my neighbours, communicating in a weird Thai-english mash up, and I just felt happy. I always felt so safe, even when walking the streets in the middle of the night, people were often helpful and I started to have this nagging feeling… maybe this is what’s next. I felt joy, and later I asked my mum. Do you ever feel more “you” after you’ve been somewhere else?

Do you?

(ps- I wrote half of this post while I was still in Bangkok, and concluded it in Lagos)

Love always,


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  • Reply Jolaade October 28, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    Everytime I travel somewhere Quaint or Quirky, I am at my happiest. I even have certain music to go with it. The one for walking, commuting, shopping. Haha (when my battery is not dead sha)
    And then when I go back home, maybe I am not as psyched…but hey, that is the good thing about traveling; there’ll always be memories.
    I feel like I rambled on, without even answering the question. Loool. Story of my life ?

  • Reply Afoma October 29, 2015 at 4:49 am

    I feel the exact same way about the Caribbean. My heart actually aches at the thought of leaving. I get you. sigh.

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