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My Favourite Natural Hair Products

October 12, 2016

A break from the food stuff, let’s talk hair!

In my 7 years of being Natural, I’ve never been a product junkie, in fact, a big part of my natural journey has been making products for myself. At the time there weren’t that many easily accessible natural hair products and the ones that were available were often expensive. I do have a friend who is quite the product hoarder, in her defence she has very long hair -side eye Funlola-and goes through them fast. I lived with her for a while and of course used her stuff. I rarely ever have all these products on hand at once, this is a snapshot of what I’ve loved over the years

Anyway, let’s get to it, here is my list.

  1. I believe leave-in conditioner is the most important thing that goes on my hair. I absolutely love Shea Moisture’s Curl and style Milk for Thick and curly hair. My hair stays deeply moisturised days after using it and the only downside is it’s over powering scent(it’s a nice scent just a bit strong for me). I wish they’d make a lighter version.
  2. I think this is my favourite Item on this list. Herbal essences Hello hydration conditioner. Listen. This conditioner right here? Is everything I want in a conditioner- Super moisturising, great slip, delicious scent, thick and inexpensive. Winning on all fronts! I’ve bought this one many times.
  3. In terms of Shampoo, there aren’t any that have really stood out for me, I usually use whatever I have on hand or the shampoo that matches the above. For a long time though I used African Black Soap– particularly one I got from ghana that was super shea rich. Loved it. I should mention Beautiful textures detangling shampoo… it does exactly what it says, great for after braids etc.
  4. Giovanni’s smooth as silk Deep moisture conditioner was what I used as my deep conditioner (most times mixed in with some honey and or oils) for my first few years natural. I absolutely love it. An honourable mention should go to Auntie Jackies In control  (not pictured)- which I’ve used on and off and is fantastic as a deep conditioner
  5. My favourite oil is good old ever faithful multitasking Coconut oil. Round of applause please. I use this oil head to toe. Hair wise- pre-pooing, sealing, spray bottle, scalp errthang! I love coconut oil. Must always have it. Shout out to supporters Jojoba, castor and sweet almond you are not forgotten.
  6. As far as butters go, I usually make my own whipped mix, but my absolute fave stand alone butter is Mango butter. It has a lovely texture and does a really fantastic job of sealing in moisture. It has a slight waxy hold so can be used for styling and has no smell unlike shea butter

****Also not pictured because I’ve only ever bought it once– just too pricey, but it’s a great detangler. “Kinky curly Knot today”.  

So that’s my modest list. I haven’t featured any styling products such as gels because I hardly ever use them. To be honest, I really believe natural hair care is just as much about technique as it is about products so I don’t really stress. I’m open to trying things if someone raves about them but for the most part, I keep it simple.

What are your favourite hair care products? Please share with me.

(I’ve recently ordered a bunch of new products and I’ll share once they arrive)

Love always,


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  • Reply Amina O October 12, 2016 at 10:30 am

    Honestly, you’re a darling and a half! So I can just write this out and take it to Blenco. No watching dozens of YouTube videos and getting confused. Thanks a lot.
    You already told me about Herbal Essence and I have coconut oil and black soap 😀
    Take care.

  • Reply Kachee October 12, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Just starting out on this natural hair journey so this is helpful.

    Someone recommended the Kinky Knot detangler so will be trying it out. Def getting 1 and 2 on this lit. Just took a photo so I don’t forget! Not about to buy a million products. Lol!

  • Reply Ife.O October 12, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    I honestly just typically buy what’s the cheapest as I have a hard time distinguishing the effects they have on on my hair. I have [very] recently developed a preference for Shea Moisture’s product though; I use their product as a body lotion too. So yeah currently I’m using, Shea moisture shampoo, their deep masque for conditioning and this milk you referenced (number 1 above) as my moisturizer, then seal with coconut oil. But I prefer JBCO for my scalp, no particular reason. That’s it! 🙂

  • Reply Ope October 14, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    I’m a newbie natural and I find this so helpful! Definitely getting the Shea moisture curl and style milk as my hair is almost always dry. I currently use herbal essences conditioner as part of my regimen. Looking forward to more natural hair posts.
    Thank you Sabirah.

    • Reply Sabirah October 15, 2016 at 11:20 am

      I’m so glad this was helpful for you!

  • Reply Abby October 14, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Been a Shea moisture faithful four years and counting, I also tried out Giovanni at some point. I can’t really tell the “effects” of different hair products on my hair. Vo5 shampoo is also a good one. And of course the ever truste Shea butter and coconut oil. Can’t do without those.

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