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Whole 30- All the Victories

December 5, 2016

I’ve written this post like a hundred times in my head but here goes.

Before you read this, can you please read this post where I talk about why I wanted to the whole 30.

Now that you’ve done that, I’m going to get into this. I’m going to list all the good things and changes I experienced during whole 30. I should add a disclaimer that everyone’s body is different, and your body might react differently depending how clean you were eating before and a number of other factors. In addition I’ve done whole 30 about 3 more times since my first round, I’m currently on a 100 day stretch and if you follow me on twitter you might have seen me tweet #100daysofCL (Whole30-ing it till the end of the year). I should also add that in my first whole 30 I was verrrry strict, here is the thing, cheat days don’t really work well on whole30, gluten is a large protein and it takes a long time for your body to get rid of it completely… ok enough chat let’s do it.

Allergies: For as long as I’ve been aware of myself, I’ve had allergies; the works, hives, rashes, runny nose, itchy watery eyes and incessant sneezing. Had really bad asthma growing up and allergies came with the asthma, and long after I outgrew the asthma, the allergies continued on. Before whole 30 I regularly took medication because anything could set me off. To keep this short, the last time I took allergy medication was first week in August about a week or two into whole30. I still sneeze sometimes but the worst symptoms are completely gone and I can go about my day like a normal person. lol!

PMS and PCOS like Symptoms: This one is big and I struggled on whether to list it first. I’ve had very painful cramps for as long as I can remember, in addition I had begun to experience very irregular cycles and I just felt out of whack… I honestly didn’t think it was ever possible to be cramp free and my period has ‘surprised’ me a couple of times now because I didn’t get the telling pain I’m used to. It’s amazing. On cycle regularity, it wasn’t just whole30 but my doctor actually asked what I had changed so I know it helped a great deal. I’m really happy. Bloating and inflammation are related to the first point and this one, so if you suffer from any kind of pain or an injury with long term effects, I can say you will see marked improvement.

Energy: This one is big and was most noticeable during my first round. I worked 16 hour days for almost 5 weeks during the summer and I couldn’t believe how I was holding up. I’d wake up in the morning energised and all. Also would have incredible focus during tasks which was amazing. Whole30 people call it Tiger blood! Although I’m still energetic now I feel like it isn’t as intense as my first round, maybe I’m just used to it. Seriously though, the energy that kicks in around week 2 is amazing.

Skin on fleek: Disclaimer, I’ve never had very problematic skin, I’d break out before my period but nothing crazy. I’d also get those allergy rashes on my face and body sometimes, but other than that my skin was ok. But mahhhhn, my skin was so luminous that one of my colleagues actually rubbed my face (rude!) to prove I wasn’t wearing make up. In my breaks between whole30 my skin was the first to protest… it is very clear that sugar and I aren’t friends. But yes popping skin! POPPING!

Food Freedom: My relationship with food is much better… I don’t have food craziness at all. This includes when I’m not eating whole30, I don’t binge and neither do I any kind of excessive controlling which can be just as damaging. The more I understand the way my body responds to different things, the better I want to eat. I found that even when I was off whole30, I’d enjoy a piece of cake and a little would be just enough. I like this a lot.

New Cooking skills: This is another of my favourite things, I’ve been pushed to find ways to keep my food interesting and complaint. It’s been so much fun to play with different flavours, especially with the added challenge of cooking without maggi (Msg). I’ve learnt so much more about food. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Weight loss: Wasn’t going to mention this one because- see first paragraph- But yes, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since my first whole30 (won’t know exactly how much till January). I’m less bloated and that’s very nice.

There are a whole bunch of other things ahem…? but I’ve been writing this post for two weeks so I gotta post this now before I start misyarning

Read my other whole 30 posts here, here, here, here and here

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered by all the above posts, feel free, and please comment.

Love always,


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  • Reply An Afrikan Butterfly December 6, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Yay to all these victories!

    Thanks, Sab for putting me on to the Whole 30!

    I’m not going to lie and say it was as fun for me as it was for you because I wasn’t as prepared (mine was really stressful on weekdays because I was used to eating out, and cooking 5 times a week was too much of an adjustment at the time, so let’s say sometimes I didn’t eat, and at the end my Whole 30 partner actually nearly fainted) HOWEVER just two weeks later (after swearing I would never try it again), I started to miss it.

    Weight loss wasn’t my goal but I lost 6kg. My skin took on a lovely glow, and I did not break out during my Whole 30. For me, the Whole 30 was a lesson in never say never. A crazy voice in my head is telling me to go sugar free for 2017 (honourable exceptions: alcohol and birthday cake since they don’t come by often) and I haven’t committed to it yet, but the Whole 30 had me feeling very very empowered at the end. I have since regressed in some ways but moving forward, I’m going to try to do better with what I know now.

    • Reply Sabirah December 7, 2016 at 4:20 pm

      Mahn that fainting is serious oh!
      Cooking five times a week is a lot with full time work, did you ever try meal prepping?
      I join that crazy voice to say doooo it

  • Reply Kachee December 7, 2016 at 11:07 am

    Now I really feel like doing trying it out again. Was really un serious the first time I did it and it was sort of impromptu. Maybe in January, I’ll give it a go.

  • Reply Frostedblue January 2, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    Thanks Sab, for sharing your Whole 30 victories with us all. Your blog posts, shopping lists are superb.
    I’m seriously considering starting the Whole 30 diet this year 2017, but I’m not sure how to pull through without food items like milk, oatmeal, beans & pasta. I love milk! & cereals too LOL

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