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Building a closet you love

May 30, 2018

I tweeted this a couple of weeks ago

And I wanted to share a bit about how I got to this point.

It’s such a huge relief not to constantly have the “What should I wear” debate with myself. I still have it sometimes, but every infrequently… and on a day to day basis, almost never.

I thought through my process and how I arrived here. Here are my thoughts;

Purge- First things first, you gotta get rid of stuff. You cannot see what you need unless you get rid of all the extra stuff. I’m pretty good at purging my closet, in fact I’ve written about it before, how it’s a form of radical self love, read here. When you clear out the stuff you don’t like or need, you make room for new and better things. It doesn’t have to be at a go, in fact over the past year I’ve done a big purge about 3 times. You could do a small one every month too. Just start getting rid of stuff.


Personal Style  -Consider your personal style; this was a tough one for me because I have aspirational style, stuff I see on people and think “Damn I’d love to own that, but more and more I’ve found that it wasn’t just the clothes, it’s the confidence and carriage and sometimes a combination of both. I started to look at the clothes I natural gravitated towards and my lifestyle. No point buying a bunch of pant suits when you work in a super casual environment. I favour easy breezy simple clothes that I can dress up or down. I like stilettos- the way they look, but never wear them also hate walking like a penguin so I stopped buying them. I’m very much a leather sandals type of girl so I invested in those.

Time- The process can’t be rushed, shouldn’t be rushed. Going on a shopping spree and buying an entire closet will most likely leave you with a bunch of clothes that don’t fit your lifestyle- You will likely overspend too. I allowed myself time to build my closet carefully. I resisted impulse buying as much as possible, and carefully considered pieces as I brought them into my closet.

“Where can I wear that to?”

“What does it go with in my closet that I already have?”

“Do I need to buy something else in order for this to work?”.

These were questions I asked myself. It takes time, trust the process. In this time I got really creative with the clothes I did have which further helped me determine my style and make better decisions.

Funds – I think it would be disingenuous to write this post without mentioning the cost of building a closet. This is where time factor also comes in, the more time you have the better you can spread the cost and not burn yourself out. I’m not really a person that spends a lot of money on clothes… like it’s not in my top interests, so building my closet came from necessity as opposed to desire. I do like to look nice though, I’ve just never been a big splurger on clothes. Nevertheless, I set a monthly clothing budget in order not to get too crazy. Some months I would spend it on sewing ankara dresses with my tailor, some on buying fabric and some on just buying actual clothes. It was really helpful to have a budget. I started around pretty high and then reduced the amount as I started to build. Look at your finances and determine something that works well for you, even if it’s putting a little aside every month.

Essentials- A closet that works is one that has a solid foundation of essentials. The thing is though, essentials are different from person to person. I survived a couple of years without a pair of jeans, some people could never. Although I have now introduced jeans I LOVE to my closet, they weren’t an absolute essential for me. I had to have a black pencil skirt and loads of shift dresses.I also had to have a perfect pair of ankle grazing black pants. Those are my essentials. Clothes you can build upon or you can grab and go- wear as is.


Multi-purpose- I think what really gives that ‘complete’ feeling is having clothes that do double, triple and quadruple duty. Those are my faves. I have some clothes I can wear to work on Monday, drinks with the girls, church and out dancing I have a twentysix dress that has done all of this! When you have clothes like these, you need less- saving you time and money. You never have that ugh-I-have-nothing-to-wear-and-hate-everything-feeling.

Accessories– Although I didn’t really shop for accessories while building my closet, I picked up the odd piece here and there. I love how you can transform a look with the right accessories. Accessories give my closet power! I am a headwrap queen and I love how they add a pop of personality to my look. I love a good statement necklace. I love how a couple of well placed rings can help a look look more ‘finished’. I’m glad I have built a solid collection over the years, they really make a difference.

Building a closet you love is something that can have  big impact on your day to day life. Feeling good about yourself and confident is great for your mental health and you can save your brain work for more important things. Be intentional about it, have a plan and work towards it.

I hope these tips were helpful!

Love always,


P.s. If you found this post helpful in anyway, please share it with a friend <3

p.p.s This post has been sitting in my drafts for 8 months!

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  • Reply Jolaade May 30, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    Yes to all of this!
    I think I got the formula last year. Short shift/A-line dresses are my vibe for the weekends. Pants and blouses; Weekdays.
    Makes shopping a bit easier.
    Ooooooh and playsuits; for groovy nights.
    I look at my closet and never feel like I have too many pants or shift dresses or playsuitsss 🙂

    Okay, I need to let go of some old clothes sha.

  • Reply Ebele July 23, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    I love this post co its very practical and relatable. I love the points you gave on time, essentials, multipurpose and personal style. I’ve always been a “classic” dresser in the sense that I don’t necessarily follow trends, but I wear “all time” pieces that I can afford and that also reflects my personal style and taste.

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