Back to Happy- 1.4 On being Thankful

April 6, 2011

A big part of being happy is acknowledging things that are going right, I keep a gratitude journal but i’ve neglected it lately… time to get back into that, but for now

I’m thankful for the spring, the sun kissing my skin and bouncing off the glass,
bouncing off everything…
I’m thankful for the night, the darkness providing a calm and quiet that allows me to be
I’m thankful for friends, encouraging words, love and laughter…
I’m thankful for you.
I’m thankful for mistakes, lessons learned and amends made
I’m thankful for water, every gulp going down my throat and spreading in all through my body
I’m thankful for blogging, reminding me that there is still so much more to be done
I’m thankful for life and oxygen, filling my lungs and giving me a gift with every breath…
I’m thankful for Knowledge confusing me, challenging me to be better
I’m thankful for this body being kind to me despite how unkind I sometimes am,
I’m thankful for all my senses taking everything in feeling, touching, tasting, listening… enjoying and savoring
I’m thankful for artists pursuing their art constantly inspiring me
I’m thankful for music, wrapping me in its sweet comfort and rocking me slowly back and forth.
I’m thankful for my mum her gentle understanding and powerful words
I’m so thankful for happiness.
I’m thankful I can be thankful.

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