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March 1, 2012
 my weight on Monday…
1) Being tall is a blessing and a curse
2) WO_OW
3) This New Nigerian Lifestyle is not for me…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know my take on body image and issues relating to it, I’m of the opinion that as long as you stay fit and healthy, what size you are doesn’t matter (being fit and healthy meaning exercising regularly, eating nutritious food and being able to exert yourself physically without feeling completely breathless or fatigued) of course there are scales such as BMI which help but they aren’t exhaustive.

Anyways, my being tall and small boned allows for weight to be distributed quite evenly around my body, as a result when I weighed myself on Monday, I was shocked to my small bones! I had gained a whooping 15pounds between September when moved to Lagos and now, February. Alarmed is an understatement.

So while I was all shocked to my bones, the next day my co-worker (the curviest white woman I know) started to tell me about this diet she was on. I was skeptical because diets are like a curse word to me, I hate the way the word is used, I hate that everyone seems to be on one… I just hate it. But I’m also a courteous person, so I heard her out, and it sounded crazier by the minute. She sashayed away from my desk and I began to google. I was curious.

After reading testimonials etc, turned out this “diet” wasn’t free 🙁 bummer. I kept reading though, and from my co-worker’s information and random bits and bobs on the internet I was beginning to piece together a picture, albeit holey.Meanwhile, I had been talking about loosing weight to the partner and we were trying to fit in time to start working out together. I sent him a brief message about my co-worker and I’s conversation. Being the absolutely best boyfriend in the world, he casually sent me an email with the complete e-book!!! I was now excited, notice how I was warming up?

I like science, I like facts, I like things based on science-y facts, I also like results and not gimmicks, I like steps, I love steps. Meet the Dukan diet by French Doctor, Pierre Dukan. More like a lifestyle over haul. I’m on page 177 of the 316 page book. but I’m feeling ready. I really didn’t want to write this post because I wanted to do this quietly and just come back with results, because I’m afraid of failure. but what the hell. If I slip up, i’ll start over and what better way to hold myself accountable than on here?

I’m going food shopping this weekend, I’m feeling good about this

Love and encouragement
Sabirah! xoxo

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  • Reply Miss Enigma March 1, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Haha! Sometimes I withhold myself from sharing stuff on my blog too, but like u said its a way to hold myself accountable…cos when u keep it within and u slip, u wanna cover it up.

    All the best mama! Baby-steps, one day at a time, one meal at a time! And remember u r not in a race with anyone else…just do you! :*

    • Reply Sabirah March 1, 2012 at 7:12 pm

      Thank you sooo much for this comment! it really warmed my heart 🙂

  • Reply mizzaina September 14, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Hi Sabirah,
    People have been going on about how amazing your blog (and you) is/are. Got your blog address from itunu and everything that’s been said is true, and then some. I’ve been reading your blog since last night, from the last post all the way to the first (not done yet) and I’ve seen the results of your dukan diet (you look amazing!) and was wondering if you could please send me the e book on the diet.
    I’ve never actually tried out any specific diet before, mostly because they’re expensive as hell! I just try to eat right but that only goes so far.
    I’m actually excited to try it out, hope you see this. I’ll just be forward and drop my email address, lol. Its Thanks 🙂

    • Reply Sabirah September 16, 2012 at 4:57 am

      Hi! 🙂 thanks for your comment! 😀 sent you a detailed email

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