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31 day reset – Day 16

June 1, 2012
So Day 16 was a day of rest and reflection. Remember how I had planned to do Day 15? Well that was a fail because my body decided to turn on me. I had the Godfather of cramps yesterday and between crying in agony and puking out the entire contents of my stomach (green bile inclusive) [sorry for the graphic visuals]. Isn’t it lovely being a woman?
I was basically in a semi-conscious state. I spent my whole day in bed and I actually succeeded in not using the internet until the end of the day when I was finally awake, tired and not sleepy.
I watched a movie. “A room with a view” I enjoyed it.
I guess it wasn’t a complete fail, just that I didn’t get to do any of the cleaning I had hoped to.

Ah well. health first.
I feel much better today, minimal pain.

Lets see what Day 17 has in store!


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