I’m bizzaaaaack!

January 11, 2013
Hello lovely people!

I’m back :). I hope you had an amazing holiday period like I did, even if you didn’t, cheers we made it to 2013!
I’m excited to be blogging again, I have so much to say and share! I’ll be starting off with a series “Remember December” (Nice ring to it huh?); just sharing what I got up to over the holiday period in general. I’ll also be bringing “Thursday Tidbits” back because it was fun and lots of people seemed to like it.

From there i’ll just go with the flow and see where we go. Funny when I started this blog I thought I’d be doing a lot of beauty posts and maybe some fashion, but it just didn’t happen that way. What do you think? should I sneak in some beauty posts once in a while?

I’m off to send the gazillion emails I promised so many people, but I’ll be back in the evening (internet permitting) to do the first “Remember December” post.

Hope your year got off to an amazing start, any fun resolutions?

As always,
Love, Sabirah

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